Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Vermont?

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Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Vermont?

Online sports betting is legal in over twenty-two states, while many have nothing on paper but in-person online betting. We are tracking all fifty states (and Washington D.C.). We will continue to keep an eye on the ball. In Part II of this series we will profile some other legalized sports betting states. Our goal is to determine whether online sports betting in Vermont is legality in light of what’s happening in other states.

There has been a lot of activity within the sports gambling industry since the bill was introduced. The first issue arose was whether online sports betting sites were legal in Vermont. Today we will look at that and move forward from there.

Online sports betting is perfectly legal in all fifty states. This includes states which have legalized in-person betting such as Rhode Island, New Jersey, and Connecticut, as well as states with historical reputations for tolerance of online sports betting including Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. In addition, online sports betting in Vermont is currently illegal under the law.

Online gambling in the Unites States is regulated at the state level. However, because online gambling is illegal in certain states such as Rhode Island and Massachusetts some places are choosing to go above and beyond the regulatory laws and open up licensed “rogue” online sports betting sites. This is a problem and we need to address it. Unfortunately, most of the states which have taken this approach have not found a way to balance the needs of the gambling community with that of the general public. This makes the online gambling industry dangerous and poses significant threats to the traditional institutions of gambling, like our online sports betting industry.

The problem lies with the fact that there are very few traditional brick and mortar bookies in the Unites States. Without a physical location you can’t have an online sports betting industry. As a result, the online betting industry is forced to locate itself in new and untested locations. It would be best if the states would follow the example of Vermont. While it is unlikely that the state will ever change its stance on online gambling there is still a light at the end of the tunnel.

It is easy to find the best vermont sports betting sites. There are plenty of online gambling sites which are members of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Association (PAPSA). If you have ever visited the official website for the association you will see a list of accredited online sportsbooks. I would encourage you to visit the websites of each of the bookmakers on the list to learn more about the types of gambling available through each site and to determine which is best for you.

In other states without casinos there is little or no regulation of online sportsbooks. Gambling is a business and as such there are all kinds of different types of businesses that can operate in this state. You would do well to ask the legislature why they are against online wagering in their state. There may be multiple reasons but none of them have anything to do with the general welfare of the state.

It would also behoove the state of Vermont to institute some kind of standardization for online sports books. This would ensure that all of the various sites available right now are fairly comparable. Most online sportsbooks will have a list of available games at any given time but it would be nice to be able to go to one site and know that all of the games being offered are of similar value. If you live in a small rural area then it may be difficult to justify investing in a top of the line online sportsbook. Give the Vt state some love and make sure that all online sportsbooks in the state are regulation by the state so that everyone playing in the state can enjoy a level playing field.